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Faultline Brewing Company brews a wide array of award-winning beers, for the full list view here, in this article, we'll focus on our number one best seller 'Kölsch'.

This beer has a light, crisp, and refreshing taste with a Kölsch/German Ale Style and an ABV of 4.8% and IBU of 20.

Overview of the Beer

This beer is our number one seller and has won several awards at many different beer competitions. Kolsch won Best in Show at the LA Commercial Craft Beer Competition in 2018. This is a crisp and crushable beer that deserves its awards and love. People who want a beer that is light and easy-drinking or not too hoppy always recommend this beer. Originally from Cologne, Germany, this style of beer is cool fermented with a true Kolsch Ale yeast strain. It is then chilled to ~ 35 F to allow the settling out of all the yeast and sediment. Before serving we filter this beer, giving us a clear, light, crisp, and delicious beer. ‍

Common Beer Questions

Q: What’s the lightest beer you have here?

A: Kölsch

Q: Do you have a pilsner or a lager?

A: Kölsch

Q: I don’t like bitter beer, what can you recommend to me?

A: Kölsch

Q: Do you have an easy drinking/crushable beer?

A: Kölsch

Faultline Brewing Company Overview

Operating for 25+ years, FBC is a standout brewery in the Sunnyvale/Silicon Valley area. Try our 4 Flagship beers and delicious food that ranges from brunch items to burgers and pizza. Come watch sports games with others or enjoy our large venue that also includes an outdoor lake area. Perfect for private events and regular outings!

Faultline Brewing Company

Faultline features award-winning beers, delicious food, and a beautiful event space. Perfect for watching sports, spending time with friends and family, and hosting large events, Faultline Brewing Company has quickly become the best brewery in the San Jose area.

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A neighborhood brewery featuring award-winning beers, delicious food, and beautiful event space

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